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Wednesday-Thursday · 4pm-9pm
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Sunday · 12p-8pm

curbside pickup only

Picking up Yr Food

p.s., Popol Vuh to-go menu coming soon!

You can access online ordering during business hours. To help you plan, all orders will be ready 15-20 minutes after they are placed.

When you order on ChowNow, please add the Curbside Pickup item before checkout.

Be sure to include the color, make, and model of your vehicle in the special instructions so we can deliver you tacos to you!

The Curbside Pickup will be in our courtyard parking lot on the west side of our restaurant (15th Ave entrance).

We'll have eyes on you and bring your order as soon as it's ready!


Romaine Salad $8
avocado, queso fresco, peanut-sesame salsa, tomatillo vinegar

Quinoa Salad $8
quinoa, black beans, radish, cilantro, mint, lemon vinaigrette

Chips & Guacamole $8

Chips and Salsas $5

Tres Leches $6

Mole Cupcake $5

Pint of Salsa Roja or Salsa Verde $8

Pint of Ice Cream $9


Soda - $3
Diet Coke, Mexican Coke, Jarritos, Sprite, Squirt, Orange Fanta

Topo Chico Sparkling Water - $3

Sangrita - $13
1 quart (32oz.) Fresh-juiced poblano, tomatillo, jalapeño, serrano, cilantro, lime, fish sauce

Michelada Mix - $9
Clamato, Worcestershire, tomato, chiles. Add beer, tequila, vodka, or enjoy on its own

Cocktail Kits


Prickly Pear Margarita
Prickly pear, lime juice, lime wheel, add tequila and curaçao at home (garnishes included)

Locked in Paradise
Passion fruit, lime, add rum or vodka at home (garnishes included)

Morelos Sour
Chipotle sour mix, lemon juice, worm salt, add bourbon at home (garnishes included)

For The Whole Family!

Enchiladas (Baked at Centro) - $40
Verde sauce, choice of black beans or chicken, queso, crema, shredded romaine

Tacos para Cuatro $30
1 lbs protein of choice (carnitas, tinga, braised beef, or rajas con papas), rice, beans, tortillas

Tacos Grande $60
2 lbs protein of choice (carnitas, tinga, braised beef, or rajas con papas), rice, beans, tortillas

Black Beans (pint) - $4
Rice (pint) - $4
Salsa Roja (pint) - $8
Salsa Verde (pint) - $8
La Perla Tortillas - $4

Take & Bake

Enchiladas - $40
Verde sauce, chicken or black bean, queso, romaine

Nachos - $15
Choice of protein (tinga, braised beef, or rajas), Chips, Oaxacan cheese, pickled onions, guacamole, sour cream, salsa

Queso Fundido - $8
Oaxacan cheese, poblano, chile, served with chips

Carnitas in Adobe
Pint $15 or Quart $30

Chicken Tinga
Pint $15 or Quart $30

Braised Beef
Pint $15 or Quart $30

Pint $12 or Quart $24


Is it Friday or Saturday?

Then it's time for:

Six Pack and a Pound!
$30 gets you choice of any two tacos and a pounds of chingonas.

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As many of you know, most of the work in the service industry has just come to an abrupt halt. We want to give our community the opportunity to donate to staff that are most in need. Please consider donating, if you are able.

It takes a village. Thank you.