Popol Vuh · Popol Vuh



Your ticket includes gratuity and a copy of Michael Bazzett’s translation of Popol Vuh ($16). Tax is added in the cart.

Popol Vuh · Popol Vuh is a five course tasting menu that pairs excerpts of Popol Vuh, the story, with dishes created by Executive Chef Jose Alarcon and occasional drinks from the Popol Vuh team, concocted for the evening. We will be using local poet Michael Bazzett’s translation of the ancient Mayan creation epic, which has received rave reviews since its release by local publisher Milkweed Edition, including “Best Poetry 2018” from The New York Times.

A conversation of food & story. A dialogue of disciplines.

Michael has selected excerpts from Popol Vuh that will take diners through the grand arch of the story, from creation to first dawn. Jose Alarcon and his team took those excerpts and created dishes for each, fostering a conversation of food and story, a dialogue of disciplines, a reflection of a myth. The hope is that this conversation deepens the experience of both food and story. The evening will include readings from Michael, with Michael, readings with your table, and more.

This is a communal eating experience and parties may be seated together.

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